Fuji VG-402/602 Series

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Fuji VG-402/602 Series  Foot-operated Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impluse Sealer Machine Fuji Impulse

VG-402/602 Series - Micro-Computer-Controlled Nozzle-Type Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impulse Sealer

The VG-402/602 series features heating-temperature control ONPUL system that makes high-precision vacuum sealing and gas-flushing sealing possible.

When you want to flush the air inside the bag and reduce the package volume, or when you want to utilize oxygen scavenger to extend product life, you can use the Vacuum Sealing function.

When you want to fill the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to create bacteriostatic or insect-repellent effects or to prevent spoilage and mold growth, you can use the Gas-Flush Sealing function.

Main Features

  • Applications and Features: Electric vacuum & gas-flush sealer
  • Operation method: Electric/air-cylinder operated
  • Packaging type: Seal only & vacuum & gas-flush
  • Daily use frequency as model selection fuideline: Up to 1,000 bags, electric/air-cylinder operated
  • Compatible packaging materials(total thickness of two or more sheets) : 
VG-602, VG-402PE->0.4mm, PP->0.3mm, NY->0.3mm, PVA->0.3mm, other laminated materials->0.4mm
VG-602, VG-402-10WPE->0.6mm, PP->0.4mm, NY->0.4mm, PVA->0.4mm, other laminated materials->0.5mm

To set and maintain optimal sealing conditions: Unlike other conventional timer-operated models, heating temperature is controlled by high precision sensor and microcomputer that consistently monitor the exact temperature that film melts regardless of air temperature or increasing sealer temperature during its prolonged use.

Cost Effective: To provide overall competitive advantage from power saving with minimal heating from effective power consumption ratio to operating efficiency, coupled with minimal consumables and parts. Heating, cooling and vacuum times can be also set for different film and package requirements.

Switch among 13 different sealing methods:
The following sealing methods can be combined to create a total of 13 different sealing methods. Select a sealing method to meet your needs, including selecting to best suit the characteristics of the packaged material and to obtain your desired packiaging finish.


Model Voltage Power Consumption Sealing Dimension - W x L Machine Dimension - W x D x H Weight  Vacuum degree
VG-402-xx 110v 1800 w 10 x 400 mm
(0.39" x 15.7")
595 x 555 x 1052 mm
(23.4" x 21.9" x 41.4")
93 kg
(206 Lbs)
-1 to -100Kpa
VG-402-XX-10D 220v 2600 w 10 x 400 mm
(0.39" x 15.7")
595 x 555 x 1052 mm
(23.4" x 21.9" x 41.4")
98 kg
-1 to -100Kpa
VG-602-xx 220v 3000 w 10 x 600 mm
(0.39" x 23.6")
675 x 555 x 1052 mm
(26.6" x 21.9" x 41.4")
100 kg(221Lbs) -1 to -100Kpa
VG-602-XX-10D 220v 3100 w 10 x 600 mm
(0.39" x 23.6")
675 x 555 x 1052 mm
(26.6" x 21.9" x 41.4")
105 kg
(232 Lbs)
-1 to -100Kpa

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