BestPack RAC-300E Wrapping Machine

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BestPack RAC-300E Wrapping Machine Others Wrapping Machine

Automatic Conveyorized Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Machine RAC-300E

  • MODEL: RAC-300E



    The wide range of BestPack's automatic stretch wrapping systems offer you high performance, durability, economy, and maximum versatility to meet you packaging application needs. 

    These stretch wrappers offer a convenient and cost-effective way to optimize your stretch wrapping applications. 

    Specification Capacity

  • Machine Dimensions: 150W x 170L x 135H
  • Load Size: 42W x 48L x 80H
  • 60 load per hour, based on load configuration and machine options
  • Electrical Requirements: 230V x 15 AMP with neutral and ground
  • Pneumatic Requirement: 3.6 CFM / 90 PSI



  • Omron PLC CJ1 with 24V control system
  • Double door control cabinet
  • Auto-height photoeye sensor 
  • 0 to 16 RPM variable speeds (rotary arm)
    *Conveyors with photoeye at each end to ensure safety while forklifts loading or unloading 
  • Separate carriage speed up/down
  • Adjustable film force to load control
    *Obstruction sensor on the rotary arm wrapping zone and prevent of foreign objects during wrapping 
    *Current overload protection (power surge protection)
  • Air pressure switch
  • Manual clamp jog
  • Film break alarm
  • E-Stop mushroom push button
  • Proximity sensor and high speed input for rotary arm and turntable
  • Safety fencing monitoring (round process area with interlocked access door)
  • Touch Screen operator interface with:
    1. Manual mode conveyor forward/reverse/jog
    2. By-pass mode
    3. Manual mode carriage up/down
    4. Manual mode rotation forward/reverse
    5. Separate top and bottom wrap selector from (0 to 9)
    6. Error indication log (time and date)
    7. Display indicator (loads per hour, time of last cycle, arm RPM)

    Rotary Tower and Film Carriage Drive

  • All structural steel construction
  • Rotary Arm supported by 4 legs design 
  • Easy access to all components
  • Counter balanced arm for smooth rotation
  • 16 RPM variable speed with soft start/stop 
  • 2-3/8” bearing support and drive with max of 16 RPM
  • 3/4 HP 230VAC, 3 PH motor with variable frequency drive
  • Proximity sensor controlled positive arm alignment
  • Pneumatic brake to provide quick safety stop safety


    Film Delivery System

  • 1/2 HP 230VAC 3 ph 60 Hz with AC variable frequency drive
  • 20” powered pre-stretch
  • Up to 300% pre-stretch ratio with preset to customer specs
  • Electronic film tension control with analog sensor
  • Film break sensing device
  • Film force release at start and end of cycle
  • Lexan see through roller cover for operator safety

    Film Carriage Drive
  • 3/4 HP 230VAC 3 ph 60 Hz with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Two #50 chain carriage lifts for safety
  • Aluminum guide rail channel with UHMW-PE carriage guide

    Film Tail Treatment
  • Auto film clamper and cutter
  • Brush on film tail treatment


    Conveyor Features

  • 2-1/2” dia. rollers on 3-3/4” centers
  • All full length rollers driven
  • 52” between frame rails
  • 1/2 HP motor with contactor 
  • All forward manual mode
  • Heavy duty structural steel design
  • Fix speed 30 FPM conveyor speed 

    Optional Features

  • 10’ process power conveyor (section with 52” between frame rails)      
  • Heavy-duty forklift loading or pick up bumper at conveyor end         
  • Conveyor with variable speed control        
  • Wrap extension height: 114”               
  • Heat seal unit                           
    (Note: Heat seal unit is mounted on the cut and seal arm with twin thermostatic sealing plates. Two adjustable thermostats control the two sealing plate’s temperatures.)

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